Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are crucial for us to achieve success beyond success. We are fully committed to building an organization that reflects the broad diversity of our communities. We, and others like us, share a responsibility to do our part in addressing systemic social issues around equity and inclusion that continue to disproportionately impact members of marginalized communities. Learn more about our commitments on our company DEI page and keep up with our progress and learnings through our annual DEI Impact Report.
Delivering on ambitious DEI goals at a rapidly scaling company can be a unique challenge. It really only works if the CEO and senior leadership are personally invested; driving systematic change across an entire organization starts at the top. We're fortunate to have that kind of leadership here at BenchSci. Christopher Guest Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Connect with others who share your perspective

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide opportunities for team members with shared identities and lived experiences to connect and have their voices heard. These employee-led groups aim to create a sense of belonging amongst marginalized groups and inform our business on creating more inclusive policies and practices. Each ERG is supported by designated executive sponsors.


Our first ERG, BenchShe+, creates a safe and empowering environment for women at BenchSci to advocate for and advance gender equality. The group aids in the recruitment, retention, and professional development of women at all points in their BenchSci careers. It aims to achieve equal representation for women across technical roles and within leadership at BenchSci and to be recognized as a top workplace for women in tech by 2025.

​​​​​Women are significantly underrepresented in the tech industry, and even more so in leadership roles. BenchShe+ is a safe and supportive community for women to connect and share perspectives. It provides our team members with opportunities for personal and professional growth and also incorporates allyship and sponsorship so we can continue to thrive together as a team.
Casandra Mangroo SVP, Product & Science | Executive Sponsor of BenchShe+
ERGs are moving away from company "social clubs," and are becoming change-makers within organizations. BenchShe+ is not just a place to feel belonging and community with other women at BenchSci. We also want to affect change and provide our members with opportunities to learn and grow. Being part of this group has led me to make connections and friendships with women whom I would have otherwise never interacted with.
Rhonda Gallant Lead, Talent Operations & Analytics | Head of BenchShe+
BenchSci is at the intersection of tech and science, which means, women are often the non-dominant population. BenchShe+ is a place where all these women engineers, scientists, and more can come together and support one another. Together we navigate different challenges that they're facing and create a community.
Ina Harvie Talent Acquisition Partner, Science | BenchShe+ Community Manager
BenchShe+ is really a community within BenchSci that focuses on the needs of women at any point in their careers. Its purpose is to create a safe and empowering environment for women to connect, advance gender equity, and contribute to a more inclusive culture at BenchSci.
Angie Ibrahim Enterprise Customer Success Manager | BenchShe+ Events Manager

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Meet the BenchShe+ leadership team BenchShe+ is dedicated to women-identifying employees and was first formed in 2022. As an ERG they have an executive sponsor and work with our DEI team to help our company be more inclusive when creating products and in our recruiting practices. 
Our road to belonging & where we are today Of BenchSci’s six-year history, 2021 will be a year to remember. In this blog post, Christopher Guest, Director of DEI, and Shelby Reaburn, DEI Program Manager, discuss the 2021 Year in Review report and where BenchSci is headed next.
DEI should report directly to the CEO Most companies put DEI under someone senior in human resources. We think this is wrong. CEOs must invest heavily to drive meaningful change around DEI. For this to happen, DEI should report directly to the CEO, as it does at BenchSci.

Learn about and celebrate diversity

For our DEI endeavors to succeed, we must recognize and appreciate both the similarities that bring us together and the differences that make us unique. We organize educational opportunities for the company, such as speaker events to bring awareness and understanding of lived experiences from various identity groups.