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Biomedical scientists are the unsung heroes of healthcare. The work they do saves and improves the quality of lives around the world. And it's not easy. Most experiments fail to advance the study of drugs and targets due to factors beyond scientists' control. We build software to empower scientists and accelerate their research ​​​​​​​so they can get novel medicine to patients faster. We call it ASCEND.

Join us and revolutionize preclinical research

Help increase the speed and quality of life-saving research Empower scientists with novel insights which help them design more successful experiments in less time so they can maximize their invaluable contributions to human health
Ship code that is changing the way scientists work From front-end code to data pipelines, everything you ship directly helps scientists in the lab to uncover new insights that lead to new discoveries
A platform built for scientists by scientists Scientists at the bench face unique challenges, which is why we need scientists at all levels of the company working side-by-side with our engineers and customers to build technology that actually works

What scientists are saying

We work with patient samples and can't afford to waste them on antibodies that don't work [...]  The same information would've been extremely difficult to obtain if I were to do a manual literature search on PubMed or Google Scholar. Omer Donmez
Cincinnati Children's Hospital​​​​​​​ 
Good antibodies for epigenetic regulators and transcription factors are notoriously tricky to find so that's where working with BenchSci is useful. You can see the success that others have had with the click of a button. Stephanie Guerra
Harvard University
It's not only great to be able to review published data by specific contexts [on BenchSci] but the vendor and independent data are also very useful because it helps me identify and evaluate all the options available to me. Tiago Oliveira
​​​​​​​Griffith University